Lego Camp Registration and Medical Information

Student Information

Used if we have reached our limit and a waiting list is needed.

Parent/Guardian Information

Two Emergency Contacts

Insurance Information

Medical Conditions

*It is your responsibility to inform HLCC Robotics Program (a part of Calvary Church of the Nazarene) of any of the medical conditions that your child may have. This information will be held in confidence and used ONLY to render proper assistance should the need arise.

Does the Student Wear?

**Note: We do request that if you require medication on a regular basis to monitor a condition that falls within the time that your child is participating in the HLCC Robotics program, that you bring it with you and any instructions necessary.
**Note: We do request that if you do have anaphylactic allergic reactions that you bring medication to counter it appropriately (ie EpiPen or AnaKit).

Download Consent Forms

Please Click the button to Download, Print, Fill Out and Bring consent forms to the first night of camp.  We will have a notary on site. 

Download Consent Forms